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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga - its all about you, your body and your growing bump!

• Gentle movements release tension and strengthen the body

• Breathing exercises calm the mind

• Relaxation can dissolve the symptoms of stress

• Positive meditations strengthen the bond with your baby

• Visualizations for preparation for the birth

• Get together every week with other Mums to be

Positive preparation for the arrival of your baby can pave the way for a more relaxed, confident body and mind as labour begins.The ability to relax is essential. Relaxation can be enhanced with breathing and visualisation techniques practiced through pregnancy.

You don't need experience and all levels of fitness can benefit from pregnancy yoga. Some people need to boost their energy with movement and some people need to slow down. The classes are designed to cater for these different needs.

Every woman is different, every birth is different but whatever your plan, or your experience, the more you know your body, the more you can trust and relax when the day comes.

“Every woman in Merseyside should know about your classes. I promoted them whilst working as a midwife but now I have the privilege of experiencing how much they can prepare your body and mind set for birth.” C.M LWH Midwife



Classes in Liverpool

The next short 3 week courses starts in August

Monday 14th August in Liverpool Women's Hospital 5.45 - 7pm - WAITLIST ONLY

Monday 14th August in Liverpool Women's Hospital 7.15 - 8.30pm - WAITLIST ONLY

Wednesday 16th August in Liverpool Women's Hospital 5.45 - 7pm - WAITLIST ONLY

Wednesday 16th August in Liverpool Women's Hospital 7.15 - 8.30pm - WAITLIST ONLY

Cost £25

Please do add yourself to the waitlist if you want to start next week as places often come available. I will keep in touch!

6 week courses starting in September - places available on all classes!!

Monday 11th September in Liverpool Women's Hospital 5.45 - 7pm 

Monday 11th September in Liverpool Women's Hospital 7.15 - 8.30pm 

Thursday 14th September in Blackburne House 5.45 - 7pm  

Thursday 14th September in Blackburne House 7.15 - 8.30pm

Cost £48

The prenatal yoga courses bring women together to breathe deeply, stretch and strengthen the body and practice the art of relaxation in a way that helps you get the most out of pregnancy. In the 2nd trimester its time to use yoga to grow strong and healthy with your baby. In the third trimester women naturally start to focus inwards and you can use the yoga techniques to prepare really positively for birth. The classes are always mixed with women from 16 to 40 weeks. 

"I can't thank you enough for the confidence and strength you have given me to approach both of my labours in such a calm and relaxed way. As someone who thought she had a low pain threshold and had always been petrified of child birth to be able to approach both of my children's births with such excitement and no fear was quite an amazing turn around. I have had two truly wonderful beautiful births welcoming my children into the world. Without your yoga classes, and couples workshop that we both got so much from I don't think that would have been possible." S.Chapell


Pregnancy Yoga Workshop - Sunday July 9th 2-5pm in LWH

A workshop to explore movement, breath and deep relaxation for pregnancy: Flowing through sequences and postures that help you to stretch and strengthen your body. We breathe deeply and with gentle movements release unnecessary tension helping to reduce the symptoms of stress and correct/ support a healthy posture for pregnancy.

Breath work, meditation and deep relaxation are a gift for you and baby and something, if practiced, can benefit you throughout motherhood.
Pregnancy really is the best time to become a master in the art of relaxation. We will use several techniques to help you tune in and relax deeply.

At this time of year we will be celebrating summer and all that is to come as you prepare to step into Motherhood.

Prepare to unwind…

Suitable for all over 16 weeks pregnant – no experience necessary

"Thanks again for such a fab time at yoga, it was my favorite part of being pregnant, you really taught me how to appreciate my baby before I could hold him on my arms." Katie

"I have now used yoga breathing to guide me through 2 water births. I am so glad I attended pregnancy yoga. It taught me so much, most importantly to trust my body, stay relaxed and breathe!" Leila

One To One

1:1 Pregnancy Yoga Package to support your pregnancy and prepare for birth

I offer a private package to women who want to get the most out of their pregnancy.
This program is designed to help you grow in strength and flexibility as your baby grows.
Increase vitality and have more energy to enjoy your pregnancy.
Help you to sleep better and to prepare positively for birth.
Deepen the connection with your body and your baby and increase your oxytocyn!

As part of this package you will enjoy 6 1:1 pregnancy yoga sessions.
I am based in Crosby, North Liverpool.
We can address any pregnancy issues and support your yoga and meditation practice and explore your nutrition to help you stay tip top as your baby grows.
This is pregnancy support with yoga, meditation, deep relaxation and nutritional information. You matter. Your health matters. Pregnancy matters...enjoy the journey.

I have a limited availability for this program and only take on one Mum to be at at time.
Please inquire about availability.

You will receive:   

FREE Gift when you sign up for this 1:1 program
  • Six 1:1 pregnancy yoga sessions
  • One 2 hour birth preparation workshop either with a partner or on your own
  • home yoga practices to help you to strengthen and stretch your body in a way that will support your pregnancy.
  • yoga practices for the birthing room including movement to support baby's position as well as birthing positions.
  • deep relaxation practices to help reduce the symptoms of stress
  • meditation practices  that work to help you deepen the connection with your body and your baby
  • specific breathing techniques that are time tested to help reduce anxiety and bring calm and trust to the birthing process
  • a nutritional guide and smoothy recipe's to enjoy the foods that support your body and emotions.
  • support to write your birth plan
  • I am available at all times for email support


If you want to discuss this before purchasing please get in touch...lots of questions? I have answers...

This is an investment in the health of your body, mind, spirit and baby.
I look forward to being your guide on a wonderful journey of health and well being through pregnancy.

I have been teaching pregnancy yoga for 12 years and I have supported women in birth as a doula for over 10 years.
I bring my experience and my deep love of this journey into the work we will do together. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Cost £320

Tel: 07879282479




Birth Breathing CD

The Birth Breathing CD allows you to take the practices from the class home for regular use in the run up to your birth. Simple breathing techniques that can help you to relax deeply and get into the body, mind connected state that is so useful and supportive for us as women. There are 2 breathing techniques and a 20min deep relaxation exercise. There is also an exercise to practice with your man - its simple and its about connection - breathing and being together, emotional support is priceless.

Cost £12 free P&P in UK. For outside UK please contact before purchase.

Buy online today - and relax...

Call or 



Tel: 07879282479


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