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A Yoga Retreat for New Mums in the first year of Motherhood

Saturday 12th January 2019
in Liverpool Women's Hospital 1 - 4pm

An afternoon retreat for new Mums in the first year of Motherhood.

A healing yoga workshop to help balance body, mind and spirit.
Strengthen and align the body after pregnancy, release tension, relax the mind and breathe deeply and find a space that is just for you...
A healing vibe will weave through the workshop and nutritious delicious delights will be part of a  nurturting afternoon.

  • Feel stronger and more confident in your body
  • Breath deeper and feel more connected on every level
  • Relax deeply and let go of accumulated tension and tiredness
  • Meditation techniques to calm and clear the mind
  • Let go...unwind... press reset!

Stretch out tiredness and tension and strengthen the muscles that worked so hard for you and baby in pregnancy and birth and now working even harder as your baby grows.
Time to breathe deeply and explore relaxation and use yoga as a tool for health and support in this first year, a time of adjustment and change.

The postnatal period is 1 YEAR LONG!! Open to Mums who have had a baby in the last year.

You will need to bring your blanket and 2 bed pillows and be prepared to walk a path into deep relaxation and restoration.

cost £30

"I really enjoyed the workshop for new mums. It was a gorgeous relaxing session where I stretched out my hunched shoulders and aching back releasing all the tension of the first year of motherhood. It was great to see other mums and hear about parenting experiences so far, which was just so reassuring, If I'm honest I went hoping for a bit of a rest (if I'm really honest I just wanted some sleep) but the practices left me feeling renewed, relaxed and positive. I felt energised and ready for another week! It also left Dad feeling pretty pleased with himself with time just for him and the little one" H.F

" The workshop is a perfect opportunity for new mothers to spend an afternoon in a safe non-judgmental space and concentrate on healing themselves inside and out. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop. It is a beautiful experience." N.Z

Post Natal Yoga

Congratulation on the birth of your baby!

Yoga provides tools for you to nurture yourself and your baby as you settle in to life with your new baby. It can also help you to relax deeply as your new baby feeds and sleeps.

Aligning the spine, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, stabilizing the pelvis, toning the core muscles but most importantly balancing hormones... you can do all of this with yoga.
Yoga postures, breathing and relaxation can help you to be a taller, happier, healthier more relaxed Mum.

As you may have discovered there are many faces to postnatal life.
There is gratitude and joy - baby has come! Finally!
But there are other feelings and thoughts and physical conditions that dont get the same acknowlegment in our culture.

When you have a baby there is also grief. Grief for the person you used to be. The mother you are becoming is still arriving.
There is anxiety and fear - am I doing it right? Am I good enough?
There can be physical pain and tension from the shock of giving birth.
There can be tension in your relationship with the arrival of the new and demanding love of your life.
There is a deep exhaustion that comes from disturbed or very little sleep for weeks or months at a time.
There can be lack of nourishment as your body is hugely depleted from giving every ounce of goodness to your pregnancy and creating a bundle of love who is full of Essential Fatty Acids that where once yours.

These fears and feelings may be fleeting. They may be over whelming. They may rise and fall with your cycles.
But lets not ignore them.
Lets embrace them as part of the process of the postnatal period.

Its a time to rest deeply.
Hydrate and relax as you feed your baby.
To be fed nourishing food you love.
Warm soups, good fats and good proteins.

What we eat and drink and think effects the way we feel moment to moment.

In the postnatal workshops I offer a space to come and rest deeply.
Alignment, strengthen, support, relax.....




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