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Fertility Yoga


Sunday 13th January in Liverpool Women's Hospital

An afternoon of Fertility Yoga to support your journey into pregnancy

• Yoga postures and sequences for pelvic health and circulation

• Breathing exercises calming the mind and energise the body

• Relaxation can dissolve the symptoms of stress and worry

• Meditation for balance on every level


Whether you are trying or planning, doing it naturally or taking the medical route, fertility Yoga is a powerful tool to support your body, mind and spirit.

Cost £30

No yoga experience necessary
Mats and refreshments provided
Relaxed, informative, confidential


Fertility Yoga and Nutrition Clinic 

working one to one with Jenni


The fertility yoga and nutrition program is a 6 part program that focuses on a fertility yoga and nutrition to prepare your body for pregnancy. Whether you are planning, trying, doing it naturally or taking the medical route this program is for you.

We work on the understanding that your body needs a certain  environment specific raw ingredients to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

The program begins with an in-depth health questionnaire where I take your health history to understand your current picture. We work from this information to personalise your program.

The focus of this program is to reduce stress on your body. There is external stress which most of us have some control over: ie work, relationships, financial. And there are internal stresses which many of us are unaware. It is these internal stress mechanisms that hinder fertility by increasing the production of adrenaline and cortisol and reducing progesterone. We work together to bring balance and wellbeing to your system by addressing and switching OFF the bodies stress mechanisms. We will address:

1. Hydration: Being fully hydrated switches off the stress and reduces adrenaline and cortisol.

2. Liver support: One of the consequences of an over burdened liver is infertility.

3. Alkalising: Alkalising keeps you young and relaxes your body at a cellular level.

4. Gut health: Healthy intestinal flora allows you to absorb nutrients properly and to be optimally fertile.

5. Blood sugar stability: Unstable blood sugar effects reproduction.

6. Nutrients: Your body needs certain raw ingredients to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

After each session you will have a home program and support to make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle to support you into fertility and pregnancy.

A regular fertility yoga practice focuses on improving pelvic health. Through specific breathing techniques and opening postures we can increase oxygen and raise energy levels in the body. Each session we will make time for deep relaxation and a healing space that promotes balance and feel good relaxation hormones. When we reduce adrenaline and cortisol we free up raw material to make progesterone. Progesterone is crucial for pregnancy.

This program is a progressive journey and each session prepares the body for the next. We will work through issues in a specific order. Each session is an hour and a half. For more information please do get in touch. I look forward to meeting you and I wish you love and luck on this journey.

The cost of the 6 part program is £320



Joannah 32 : "We worked through yoga sequences which helped me to relax. This became my daily practice. We also looked at diet and nutrition and made changes to help support my fertility and also looked at ways to support hubby’s reproductive health. I felt so much better within myself, had more energy, and this new regime gave me another focus than ‘trying’ for a baby. I felt connected to my body again. I started to trust it. 2 months later I found out that I was pregnant!"

Kirsten 35, fertility yoga gave her the space to relax and focus on herself. After trying for a baby for almost a year she took up a daily fertility yoga practice, made time to breathe deeply and relax and adjusted her diet. After 6 months she conceived naturally and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Melanie was 42, and after 8 long years of going down the medical route both at home and abroad she was not allowed any more fertility treatments. 6 months after taking up a daily fertility yoga practice and adjusting her diet her fybroids cleared her allergies disappeared and an auto immune disease which had been a constant struggle for her also disappeared. She conceived naturally and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Ellen, 30 suffered from a heavy form of endometriosis and doctors feared uterine adhesions (Ashermans Syndrome) which can damage the womb and make pregnancy impossible. Time was ticking and she needed one IUI and hormone treatment after another. She started yoga and adjusted her diet to support the inflammations in her womb and detox of the excess hormones. Ellen conceived naturally in between treatment cycles.

Danielle 36, "The yoga and nutrition sessions focused on the changes I could make to support my body into pregnancy. The combination of yoga, nutrition and deep relaxation was life changing. Deep relaxation included deep breathing, visualisation, meditation which was so amazing - it transformed me.The nutritional advice and support was priceless. I genuinely felt wonderful - inside and out! I felt like my stress levels had reduced, I felt positive in my outlook and extremely healthy too! I am delighted to say that we are now... 29 weeks pregnant. The changes I’ve made in my body and mind through this work have had a massive bearing on the outcome and I can’t thank Jenni enough and right now I am enjoying pregnancy yoga!"

About Jenni:
Jenni: “For over 10 years I have worked with mothers through pregnancy and postnatal yoga. Many women shared with me the difficulty and the heartache of their journey into pregnancy. I began teaching fertility yoga and saw many women relax, soften their bodies, connect with themselves and conceive. I studied nutritional healing to support my fertility yoga and came away with a deep understanding that we are not separate from what we eat. What we eat affects everything. My passion for Fertility Yoga was born. And more clients got pregnant.”

To talk about the course get in touch by email or phone 07879282479.

Eat, Breathe and Conceive - Getting Pregnant with Fertility Yoga and Nutrition - Rika Lukac (contibutions by Jenni Jones)

£17.95 plus £3 p&p

Whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally, or going down the medical route, there is a lot you yourself can do to aid conception.

Hydration, enough essential fatty acids, enough vitamins and minerals to support your body. Avoiding foods that make your system acidic and over burden your liver. In short take out the 'bad stuff' and start to consciously give your body everything it needs to make a baby and sustain a pregnancy. This book takes you through a 6 step comprehensive system to transform your diet and your health and take you closer to your dream.

To purchase this book click here or on the picture below. If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact me on 07879282479.

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