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Help your partner understand what he needs to to do to help you in labour.

Many birth partners feel unprepared for the important role they are asked to play. By understanding the basic needs of a woman in labour in terms of movement, environment and emotional support, a birth partner can be a form of pain releif.

The role of the birth partner is very important and if he feels confident and prepared you will benefit greatly.  Having a feeling of being together as you prepare for birth can bring a feeling of deeper security to a Mum to be, and in our couples session as well as exploring very practical ways he can support you in labour by giving him a basic understanding of what a woman needs in labour, we also explore breathing and relaxing together. To be emotionally supported in labour is priceless.

"I can honestly say this was one of the best things we did as a couple preparing for our little mermaid. Jenni Jones has the talent of not only making Mum’s but also Dad’s feel extra special and united. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ " H.G

"To all the pregnant couples, just wanted to share this amazing couples workshop that is happening this Sunday. Me and David did this a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING. We learnt so much and most of all David learnt all the different ways he can support me through my labour. It was so special and I was in tears by the end (as were a few other mums) it was so lovely. Plus you will get to meet the lovely Jenni who is so knowledgeable about pregnancy and labour and is just amazing." N.F



This workshop will cover movement and breath awareness for labour as well as exploring how to relax together as you prepare to become a family. It is a practical  session in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 

Workshops held in Liverpool Women's Hospital open to couples over 30 weeks pregnant.

The next workshops:

Sunday 2nd December 10 - 1pm - FULL

Sunday 13th January 10 - 1pm

Sunday 3rd February 10 - 1pm

Sunday 3rd March 10 - 1pm

(You only need to attend one workshop)


Cost: £45 per couple

"The workshop showed us both how to stay relaxed, be on the same page as each other and to be open to doing whatever works for me.  We left feeling prepared for the impending birth and excited for it really. The workshop exceeded all expectations as it was practical and theoretical. I would 100% recommend this to anyone!" D.M 

"All the yoga helped me have an amazing birth and would we highly recommend the couples yoga, Martin said was the best £45 he had ever spent, as it helped him to be a brilliant birth partner!  We are so in love with our perfect little boy and already can't remember life without him." J.W

"Jen it was amazing you're like a medicine, we are still both high from Sunday, can't thank you enough." B.M

"Would just like to say a massive thank you again , we both really enjoyed it and benefited from it. It has really helped Ben and changed his perception about how he can support me during labour, which has made me feel a lot more confident and positive. The course really helped bring home the importance of togetherness." S.T

"Day-to-day life and growing baby to-do lists can get in the way of connecting. Stopping to focus completely on each other's happiness and comfort isn't always front of mind. Your workshop was enlightening and a really positive place for us to prepare for the shared experience of birth and remember the connection that brought us together in the first place. Husbands aren't given as much opportunity to connect and prepare for this big life change as pregnant women are throughout pregnancy. Your couples workshop helped to bring us both into the same mindset and same place. We are really excited to bring our son into the world together." R.T         

   "Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the workshop today. It was really useful for Andy to learn all of the breathing techniques you have taught me in yoga and for him to learn a lot more about his role as a birthing partner. He really didn't know what to expect from the day but he came away feeling very relaxed and even said he would use some of the techniques himself when work gets stressful! In addition to all of this we both found the workshop very emotional, just having that time together to think about our baby arriving in the next few weeks was very special- I can't remember the last time we spent three hours of quality time like that together! I will certainly be recommending both the Monday night yoga sessions and the couples workshop to my pregnant friends!
" G.O

"I attended the couples workshop with Claire one Sunday at the Liverpool Woman's hospital and I must admit I was maybe a little bit cynical going in, wondering what yoga (which I kind of thought was just stretching and lying on the floor...!) could do for me as a birth partner, other than understand Claire's physiology and help her through the birth process.
But the class really fundamentally changed my entire perspective about how children are born, the relationships between the mother's body and the baby, and the fundamental role that a birth partner has in assisting a smooth labour and birth.
I had maybe been guilty of seeing birth as a very medicalised process, partly based upon the experiences of my Mother and sister. But to have the vision of a natural, non-interventionist birth process explained by you in such as caring way felt like a bit of an epiphany. 'That sounds much more like it should be!'
And then for Claire's labour and birth to be so straightforward, so calm and relaxed, and such a beautiful moment for both of us - it really confirmed everything you said about how natural a process birth could be. I felt privileged to bear witness to it and to see the way in which Claire used the training you had given her to guide her all of the way through. You spoke in the class about the role of the primitive areas of the brain in guiding labour, and Claire has described subsequently the strange sensation of completely withdrawing from her higher level thinking brain and functioning completely intuitively, in tune with her body and being guided by it. I will remember those moments forever I hope and take the lessons they have taught me and apply them in many other areas of my life. " J.M

" was wonderful! I think I can vouch for both of us that it was a very enjoyable and actually much needed evening… not just in the positions you showed us for birth, but also for us to spend some real time together in a very relaxing environment.… we’re definitely spending some proper quality time together tomorrow night! Pending no movement of course!" N.P 

"I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all the yoga sessions and also the couples workshop, Wayne has commented about how chilled I've been throughout the pregnancy and taking things in my stride and I truly believe that pregnancy yoga has played a big part in that. The couples workshop was really moving and the fact that Wayne said he enjoyed it made my day (I've taken him to a couple of antenatal classes and he really hasn't been into it at all)." C.C

"We were blown away by the couples workshop. Thank you so much, I feel so calm and prepared now and have huge faith in bringing our little girl into the world!! Can't wait!" A.R

"...he said is was way better than any other course I have dragged him on! A fantastic course that helped us both feel prepared for labour and birth. I would highly recommend this course!" C.W

"...for the rest of the day after the workshop, we were so in love..." JC


One To One

I also teach private couples sessions which can be beneficial if you have specific needs or just a busy schedule.

As part of a private I can also help you put together a birth plan. A birth plan is really important and useful although we know that nothing is ever set in stone. A birth plan can help you in your own preparation, but it can also tell the midwife a lot about who you are and your attitude to your birth. This can help them to understand your needs and wishes. This is important as when a women in labour feels heard, she feels supported and she can be more relaxed.

Cost - £70 per couple

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