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In baby yoga we use movements to help baby move towards the next stage of development. Postnatal yoga is in corportated into each class helping us to be taller, stronger and more relaxed as our babies grow. Have fun with your baby and get back into shape at the same time.

Next 6 week course starts
Monday 14th January 2018

10.30 - 12ish
St Mary’s Millennium Centre, St Mary’s Church, L12 5EA
West Derby Village

Baby yoga provides a relaxed morning with yoga stretches, song and fun. 

Happy, grumpy, sleepy and wide awake babies (and Mums) welcome. The only rule is to go with the flow! 

• Relax your shoulders and stretch your body

• Breathe deeply

• Sing loud (optional) and laugh with your baby

• Connect with others who are in the same 'new mum boat' (sailing or sinking!!)

• Fun songs bring laughter and lightness to the classes designed to provide a space for totally positive play time for you and baby.

"Hey dum diddly dum...I've got a wonderful Mum" some things just need singing about.

This class is always lively and sociable and a great way to start the week. Whether its been a great morning or a long night... its always good to come together.


Cost of the 6 week course is £48



Baby massage is a beautiful meeting of you and your baby through the art of positive touch and unconditional love.
Next 5 week course
Thursday 10th January 2018

10.30 - 11.30am 

St Marys Millennium Centre, West Derby Village, L12 5EA

In soft and candle light you work simply with your new love as we move each week through the stages of a very simple and effective body massage that can become part of your daily routine.

We sing soft lullaby's to make the space magic and loving for you and baby...

Babies are always in charge and we only work with what is right for them. By watching, listening and learning your babies cues your bond and connection is strengthened. 

You can come to Baby Massage as early as you like, although I say 4 weeks just so you've had time to really land after birth, and also so you can be sure you can be up and out of the house for 10.30am, but if you wanted to come before 4 weeks that is fine too.

Baby massage is something that every mother should know - it is an art and a form of communicating with your baby that can come direct from the heart. We use breath work to relax deeply and feel and listen to our babies. We use postnatal yoga to stretch and relax our bodies and help to gain strength where its needed.

Babies learn about the world from their Mummy, your eye contact, your loving hands and the delight in your eyes tells them all they need to know. But becoming a Mum is a journey in itself and one that has many steep curves. The early weeks and months can teach us many many lessons and what I valued mostly in my first weeks was the company of other Mothers. To gather regularly to chat, laugh or cry and to share the stories of feeds, poos and sleeps was really supportive. I hope that this Baby Massage group will be as successful as my Baby Yoga classes have been bringing Mums and babies together for positive regard.

Baby Massage is quieter than baby yoga, if possible Baby Massage comes before Baby Yoga but its not essential. The skills from baby massage can be carried through your journey as a Mum. I still massage Jacob's feet and legs and he gets his back tickled as he falls asleep still, and he is a big boy now! Massage and loving touch just carries on.

Cost of the 5 week course is £40

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